Micro Starter Pack


Our top two most popular micro doses

Designed to help you reduce stress & anxiety, be creative, and stay focused. Perfect for work and everyday life.

  • 8x 100mg Precision caps
  • 8x 200mg Precision caps

product information

Precision caps are stacked with scientifically proven natural ingredients

  • Theanine

    A natural antioxidant found in green tea that calms the mind and increases focus. Theanine is why you don’t get jittery from the caffeine in tea. For thousands of years, monks have been using the theanine in green tea to help with meditation.

  • GABA

    A natural antioxidant that lowers stress and anxiety levels. Your body naturally produces GABA to bring your nervous system back to a more stable state. Natural sources of GABA include berries, fish, and whole grains.

How to use


  • Take in the morning on an empty stomach, ideally with tea or coffee.
  • Start with 100-200mg and increase if needed until you find your sweet spot. Common doses range anywhere from 100-500mg.


Increase energy,
& creativity

Reduce stress
& anxiety


What makes our Mushrooms unique

Our mushrooms are grown organically in the USA, but originate from the ancient lands of Oaxaca, Mexico, where they were used by the indigenous people known as the Mazatecs.

Our mushrooms are only harvested when their handler is in a meditative state.

The caps are instant release and with standardized precision dosing using cGMP equipment. Every batch of 100 capsules is tested for consistency and repeatability.

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