Precision Dosing

Our commitment to quality and sustainability

mindful harvesting

Harvested only in a meditative state. Anyone in a bad mood cannot touch the harvest. This ensures everything is clean and everyone treats the growing process with care end to end.

Happy plants make better fruits. Happy people make better products.

Quality Control

We use best in class procedures such as active ingredient testing, micronization and pharmaceutical grade equipment (cGMP). Our products are micronized for faster absorption, higher efficiency, and reduced upset stomachs.

Commitment to sustainability

We use sustainable and recyclable packaging by using glass bottles, and biodegradable materials whenever we can.

The problem of climate change stems from a lack of compassion, empathy and caring about things beyond ourselves. If an individual struggles to take care of themself, then how can we expect them to take care of things around them?

We believe we are helping climate change by getting to the core root of the issue by helping the mental well-being of the individual.

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